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How to overcome depression


Сan depression be cured?

Depression is a disease, and it can and should be cured by restoring a person's joy of life, activity and the ability to easily perform familiar tasks. Treatment of depression must necessarily be based on diagnostic results, which can sometimes be done independently.

How to get rid of depression

To get rid of depression, first of all, you should collect your thoughts and think - what was the reason? Perhaps, in this state, it is problematic for a person to concentrate and think about how to get out of depression, in which case it is better to take a pen and a piece of paper. Write down possible causes, re-read and think about what exactly unsettled you.

Much depends on how severe this psychological disorder is. If in mild forms a person fully retains the ability to cope with the problem on his own, then serious conditions require the use of heavy artillery. Turning to a psychologist for help is absolutely normal and much more useful than being passive in the face of the gloomy face of the disease.

Psychotherapy for depression

Correct and timely psychotherapy is a great opportunity to say goodbye to symptoms such as apathy, constant fatigue, sleep disturbances and any other problems. However, a lack of understanding of what psychotherapy is, together with a reluctance to initiate a stranger into their personal life, leads to the fact that people do not want to seek help - and this is wrong. Reception of a psychologist will help solve the question of how to get out of depression.

There are three main approaches that are used in this case:


Based on the analysis of the history of a person's life and the definition of his internal conflicts. When such a problem is found, the psychologist works to resolve the internal conflict, which helps the patient understand how to get rid of depression.


Many conduct disorders accompany depression, and the task of the behavioral approach is to remove these disorders. A person, together with a psychologist, seems to re-learn activity, communication with people and, as a result, gets a return to a full life.


It is a kind of combination of the two previous approaches and combines the work with the internal sources of the problem with the elimination of behavioral disorders.

Psychotherapy for depression can take place both individually and in the form of family counseling, as well as special group sessions. Usually it takes about 10-30 sessions, the duration of therapy depends on the specific condition of the patient.

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Antidepressants are essential medications that can help determine how to cope with depression. Their composition is calculated in such a way as to influence mood for the better, remove unnecessary anxiety and anxiety, relieve lethargy and eliminate other symptoms that interfere with life. Modern antidepressants are not addictive - they have a positive effect on the brain, helping it return to normal, and then it does a great job on its own.

It is important to understand that the effect of such drugs cannot be instantaneous, because their effect is gradual. It is very important that a doctor prescribes the right drug, as there are several different groups of antidepressants with different effects. Self-medication with the wrong type of antidepressant can make the situation worse.

How to get out of depression on your own

Setting a goal and consistently moving towards it is the main principle of self-treatment for depression. Awareness of the problem is the first step to solving it, so think carefully about how to get rid of depression, overcome apathy, and return to activity again.

The “take it easy” advice is trivial, but it helps in many cases. Yes, sometimes a person again and again scrolls a certain problem in his head and believes that it and only it deserves attention - but it is worth looking at it from the other side and it turns out that the situation is quite solvable. Sometimes it helps to compare your situation with other people who found themselves in worse circumstances, but were able to get out of them successfully.

Often, the search for a "mentor", a "role model" becomes a kind of external stimulus in order to get out of bed, put yourself in order, your affairs and your emotional state. But do not forget that the main power lies within the person himself, so it is better to learn to value yourself instead of stopping blaming everything that happens, as is usually the case with depression.

Treating depression at home

There are many ways you can do it at home, and you can start with eating right. It has long been proven that certain foods - such as nuts, chocolate, hard cheeses, oily sea fish, and brightly colored fruits and vegetables - have a positive effect on our mood, so why not add natural and healthy "fuel" to the body?

Adequate sleep is very important for recovery, so it is best if it will be at least 8 hours. Yes, with depression with sleep, many have problems, but if you think about it, you can remove many factors that prevent you from getting a good night's sleep. Do not watch movies at night, go to bed at the same time, create conditions in which it will be better for you to fall asleep.

Physical activity and fresh air is a good answer to the question of how to get out of depression, so instead of constantly lying on your bed, try to force yourself to get up and move. Even a walk in the park will have a positive effect on your mood.

Many psychotherapists recommend mastering meditation techniques. This is what leads to the restoration of inner harmony and stress relief, and these symptoms very often accompany depression.

Sometimes, in order to cope with depression, it is enough to have your own determination and a certain plan of action. Of course, we are not talking about severe forms, which require not only the help of a specialist, but also taking medications. You can try to adhere to the following principles, and you will see how it becomes easier to deal with depression:

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Take care of yourself.

It is clear that one does not want to work or do even elementary actions in such a state, but being active is the first step towards getting out of depression. Try starting with basic activities, such as cleaning your apartment or taking a walk in the fresh air.

Get some rest.

Your body needs to recuperate in order to overcome a psychological disorder. In order to relieve nervous tension, provide yourself with enough sleep.


If you are alone during a period of depression, negative thoughts slowly take over your determination to return to an active and cheerful life. Talking to people who understand you, be it family or friends, will give you an edge in dealing with negativity, and stress and depression will have less of an impact on you.

No comparative characteristics.

We are all not perfect, but this does not mean that you need to constantly set yourself up for the worst and trample your self-esteem in the mud on your own.

Eat well.

Eating well will not only provide your body with the energy it needs to recover. Include in your diet chocolate, bananas, citrus fruits and other foods that by themselves can increase the level of endorphins in the body - the hormones of pleasure.

Keep in mind that these tips are general and that additional steps may be necessary in each case. How to get out of depression on their own, everyone decides for himself, but there is a general rule: purposeful movement towards the goal.

Complications of depression

Depression is not only extremely unpleasant in itself, but can also cause a number of quite tangible physical complications.

People with cancer, diabetes, and those with certain heart problems may feel their condition worsening. Physical pain that can affect any part of the body - head, legs, arms, back, abdomen. This is not a manifestation of any other ailment, it is a consequence of depression, which is present in half of people with this disorder.

Decreased sex drive. It affects both men and women, while men may have not only a lack of interest in sex, but also problems with erection in the future. Various behavioral disorders, including alcoholism, drug use, isolation and communication problems. In severe cases, depression can result in suicide.

Depression prevention

It is easier to prevent than to cure - this is true for many diseases, including depression. Taking care of your psychological well-being in advance can significantly reduce the very likelihood of unpleasant symptoms. Some skills will be useful not only as prevention, but also in deciding how to cope with depression, if it does overtake you.

Prevention of depression in adults

The key to success is the ability to manage your emotions, and after all, during depression, it is they who take a person under their negative control. Therefore, the ability to love yourself, think positively, be happy with what you have will be very useful as a preventive measure. Set realistic goals for yourself, and then you will rejoice at achieving them, and not be sad about the fact that you cannot do the impossible.

Let yourself rest, do not forget that the morning is wiser than the evening, and with a fresh mind, even a difficult problem sometimes seems quite solvable. But you should not include alcohol in your vacation program too often, because it becomes the cause of many troubles. But thanks to sports, you can not only keep yourself in good shape, but also supply your body with the endorphins necessary for a good mood. By the way, do not forget about proper nutrition, because what a person eats depends not only on his health, but also on his mood.

Communicate more with positive people and try to keep your distance from those who constantly whine and complain. Such characters seem to infect others with their negative attitude and may well convince you that everything is bad, even if in fact it is not.

Prevention of depression in children and adolescents

Family is the main thing for a child, and even for a “prickly” teenager, this environment is important, although he does his best to show his adulthood and autonomy. Therefore, the first thing that will protect a child of any age from depression is a good climate in the family, where relationships are built on trust and mutual respect. Children who feel needed and important to their parents are at times less prone to depressive disorders.

Adequate sleep, the right amount of physical activity and fresh air, and proper nutrition are the best prevention of depression. Imagine the mood of a child who is forced to stay at home while his friends enjoy the good weather and play outside! But the amount of time children spend on the Internet and in front of the TV is better to reduce.

Depression is a psychological disorder that brings significant discomfort to a person's life, but you can get rid of it, as well as prevent its occurrence. Be attentive to your own psychological state and do not hesitate to seek support from loved ones if you feel that you are not able to cope on your own.

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