Depression is a psychological disorder that manifests itself as malfunctioning of the nervous system. People often confuse the concept of depression and bad mood. But from a medical point of view, these are completely different types of deviations from the normal state of the body. Accordingly, they must be treated using different methods.

Diagnosing depression
If a person has a bad mood for several days, then it is already worth thinking about the presence of failures in the nervous system. Determining the presence of depression by a bad mood and other signs is possible only by conducting a survey of the person’s condition by a specialist. The psychiatrist asks the patient how long the symptoms last, in what phase they proceed.

Depression is characterized by the presence of a bad mood throughout the day, for 14 or more days.

There are two categories of people who have an increased predisposition to depression:

  1. Genetic disposition. 2. Staying under stress.

In addition, local, temporary factors (stress, personal problems, accidents) can also cause depression. And until such situations occur, it is impossible to determine how much the human nervous system is subject to the influence of surrounding problems. This is influenced by stress tolerance and other factors.

Main and indirect symptoms of depression
It is important to learn to distinguish between just a bad mood and the harbingers of a depressive mental disorder. In the second case, timely intervention of an experienced psychologist is necessary, who will prescribe an effective treatment. From a bad mood, commonplace things can help, from pills with glycine to simple rest and relaxation.

The key symptoms of depression are:

  • A noticeable decrease in energy, rapid fatigability;
  • Loss of interest in people around and activities that previously brought pleasure (for example, loss of interest in a hobby);
  • Sleep disturbance and partial loss of appetite;
  • Lowered self-esteem;
  • Suicidal thoughts, thoughtfulness about the goals of life.

Depression can also be recognized by its external signs. For example, the skin with such disorders becomes paler. And with a prolonged manifestation of 2 weeks or more, weight loss is noticeable.

What to do if signs of depression are found
There are successful cases of self-medication, but advanced stages are difficult to recover without the participation of specialists. In addition, there is not a single test for self-diagnosis. Many of the symptoms listed above apply to a range of other serious illnesses.

Depression is treated with a course of safe, certified and time-tested drugs. In particular, antidepressants are used, courses of vitamins and minerals are prescribed to restore immunity.

It is rational to immediately consult a professional doctor.

It is important to understand that a bad mood can go away on its own. And depression is an abnormality in the work of the nervous system, and it must be treated.

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