Reasons, myths and recipes – how to overcome depression and be happy

Reasons, myths and recipes – how to overcome depression and be happy

Causes of depression
Some forms of depression are passed down from generation to generation in the family, which suggests that the existing biological predisposition to the disease may be hereditary. Absence, with a constant pessimistic view of themselves and the world around them, or easily stressful. It is unclear whether these factors are psychological predisposition or early manifestation of the disease.

Moreover, depression has social mechanisms. There is a certain cultural influence that affects the severity of depression in a particular culture. In northern cultures, the incidence of depression is higher than in southern and eastern cultures. Here, the cult of success, rationality, well-being comes to the fore, which is implanted through the media and parenting. In the process of growing up, people introject, that is, they take deeply into their worldview, the idea that they need to have a certain list of achievements in order to be good.

Depression myths

And about. Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun told on her Facebook page how to overcome depression. Depression is a disease that affects more than 3 million people every year and severely impairs their quality of life and performance, and can also lead to suicide. The official also dispelled the most common myths about depression:

Depression is all about idleness, and its job cures it.
” Depression is provoked by traumatic life events, human genetic characteristics, hormonal changes, chronic diseases, and its likelihood increases traumatic experience. Disability of a person with clinical depression is a consequence, not a cause of depression “;

It is worth smiling at life and learning to be happy, and depression will recede
” During depression, changes occur in the brain that make us unable to rejoice, for example, or to concentrate. To smile sincerely again, we need outside help: medication and / or psychological “;

You just have to drink, and the depression will recede.
” Alcohol abuse often accompanies depression in men, and this only intensifies its manifestations. Alcohol causes temporary relaxation and inhibition, but as ethanol breaks down, inhibitory neurotransmitters decrease, and anxiety – one of the manifestations of depression – increases. Alcohol can also increase aggression and search for adventure, sometimes accompanied by a depressive episode, especially in men “;

Depression is a purely spiritual illness
“Depression can be a consequence of chronic diseases associated with inflammation or pain, and have physical manifestations such as back pain, joint pain, heart pain, nausea, constipation or diarrhea.”

How to overcome depression

You don’t need to grind pain, fear, despair and other negative emotions in yourself for weeks. Share your feelings with a loved one. Share your concerns with a friend, parent, or someone you trust. Surely, after a sincere conversation, you will understand that all this time you were beating your head against the wall, although you just had to open the next door, there is always a solution.

Perhaps you need to rest, take a trip. Four gray walls, endless traffic jams, subway crowds, regular meetings at work can overwhelm you. Go to the dacha, to the beach if there is an opportunity to the sea. Visit a distant unknown country (or even better, several countries), see how people live many kilometers from you, try to understand what they think and what they value. Maybe this will start some rusted mechanisms inside you, and you will start to enjoy life again.

Go in for sports, exercise has a positive effect on our brain in different ways at once. First of all, exercise stimulates the heart, which pumps blood faster through our body, including through the brain. Increasing the pumping of blood through the brain increases its oxygen supply and positively affects thinking. Then, exercise promotes the release of endorphins, which are powerful anti-stress hormones, into the bloodstream.

In addition to recreation and sports, the treatment of depression involves psychocorrection. It all comes down to individual and sometimes group sessions aimed at restoring the patient’s emotional comfort. Such work is carried out by a psychologist or psychotherapist. In the course of classes, a person suffering from depression should want to start “self-healing mechanisms” and try to activate their own forces, directing them to fight the disease.

If your relative or friend suffers from such a problem, show patience and understanding – depression, like other diseases, cannot be instantly stopped by your own will, and it is not associated with someone’s bad character.

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